Search Limits

Last updated: March 18, 2017

Snapbird is a software layer on top of Twitter's API (the programatic access to Twitter data). Snapbird itself is bound by the limits of Twitter's API, and each search axis has it's own hard limits on the number of results it can return. Below are those limits.

Service Limit Rate Source
Timeline ("Someone's timelime") 3,200 900 / 15 mins docs
Likes ("Someone's likes") 3,200 800 / 15 mins docs
Home timeline ("Your friend's tweets") 800 15 / 15 mins docs
Mentions ("Tweets mentioning you") 800 75 / 15 mins docs
Direct Messages Approx 2000 15 / 15 mins Requires a Snapbird connected account

Note that Snapbird's software requests tweets in large bulks to avoid rate limits.

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