Last updated: January 14, 2017

Snapbird is a service layer on top of Twitter. The primary service it offers is the ability to search where Twitter's own search facilities are not up to your expectations.

To be able to use Snapbird, you will need to give the service access to your Twitter account. Due to limitations in Twitter's service, Snapbird has to ask for full read and write permissions, although we will never read from your account beyond what you request (in the search interface) and we will never, ever write or post to your Twitter account.

No one else can access your Twitter account either.

Note Snapbird can only search as far back as Twitter's API allows. For a timeline, this is 3,200 tweets. Other requests have different limits, but this is not imposed by Snapbird regardless of whether you have an upgraded account or not.


Snapbird limits requests to 3 unique queries a month per user. This limit will reset every month and is based on the typical frequency of use from our average users.

Upgrading is a single one off payment for unlimited requests for 12 months, access to specific features based on the package selected. Snapbird Unlimited Pro is a one off payment and retains all pro features without the need to renew.

All payments and card handling are managed by Stripe and Snapbird's servers never see your credit card details.